Do our beloved animal friends live on?

In this book Mary Ann reveals:

  • Death is not the end for any being
  • The spiritual essence of animals and humans
  • What animals teach us and how they heal us
  • Fundamentals of animal communication, shamanism and energy healing

Every now and again, something comes along in a person’s life that shakes the very foundation of what they believe. Because of You, I Am is an exploration into the nature of the spiritual world. Faced with the illness of her beloved dog Charlie, Mary Ann Bumbera found herself propelled on a journey to discover the meaning of life’s biggest mystery: death. Seeking answers for questions like “What else is there?” and “Is death really the end?” she embarks upon a voyage toward the discovery of the true meaning of death.

“Ultimately, in my search I discovered that while the searing pain of grief tests our ability to endure, death is by no means an enemy.  In understanding death, I came to an awareness of my own spiritual essence in the most profound ways.”

Follow Mary Ann as she steps into unfamiliar territory into the world of shamanism, energy healing, and animal communication in an attempt to find answers. She swims with humpback whales and dolphins, and experiences a profound connection. Join her as she learns new spiritual truths—that there is more to our existence than what meets the eye. Go beyond the physical body and enter into the spirit world of both humans and animals alike. Learn how she came to the ultimate discovery: that death is not the end for any being.

Praise for Because of You, I am:

The enthusiasm and heart-felt presence in Mary Ann’s words are nothing short of amazing.  She captures the essence of the true animal/human bond with her endearing story.  This book will touch your heart and soul.
- Carol Komitor, Founder, Healing Touch for Animals®

Engaging as a mystery novel, the author conveys with moving intensity her journey of discovery about the nature of life and death found through love for her dog, Charlie. The pages are full of insights into how animal communication works and how animals help to heal us with their love and also by reflecting our challenges to raise our self-awareness. Deep spiritual truths emerge from her quest for understanding Charlie’s death and the nature of life and spiritual essence. Among all the books written about the impact of animals’ lives and deaths on their people, this stands as a special gem of richness and depth. 
- Penelope Smith, Founding Animal Communication Specialist, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, and Animals in Spirit www.animaltalk.net